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Searching for a way forward

I logged on the other day, because I was poked by a friend of mine about something that was said about the state of wormholes. His poke reminded me of the game once more, about the fact that I miss it. And that I’m not playing it right now. I hate not playing actually, I

We’re there

It took a bit longer than expected but a few days ago I moved back into a wormhole. I joined up with a few friends in a C5 and enjoying myself again in the limited time I find myself playing. The first ten minutes in the corporation already had me participate in a few dread

And we’re moving

In the past few weeks a few people have contacted me about coming on EvE again. And I’m in the process of making some things happen. It’ll take a while but eventually something will happen. I’m not going to say when because I can’t set a date to it. Other than my return to EvE,

The way of life

A while back I told myself that if I ever decided to go check out K-space again, I would join up with Goonswarm. Not because I know much about null sec politics and because I think they’re “cool” and whatnot. But mostly because I thought that if I were to join a group, why not

Back to square one

The past month or so was interesting, but alas, our little experiment came to an end. We were in a wormhole with three different corporations. Living together, fighting together, trying to get things to work together. But due to different mentalities things went a bit sideways. We didn’t really disagree on anything but we didn’t

You win some, you lose some

From time to time when you hunt, you don’t get any kills. A perfect example for that was us rolling a bunch of holes during the week and not having any luck. Literally doing twenty different Null sec systems and only finding a VNI here and there that was at his keyboard. Not that we

Diving in and out of null

A few weeks ago I decided to make an effort to play EvE again. I was going to join my old Wormhole Corporation again and fuck around with them. But a few minutes after joining, I got a private message from one of my old CEO’s. One of the guys I flew with in Stain,

That escalated, slowly

It’s been a busy week in Low sec this past one, all while messing with the neighbours. I lost a few ships, but made it up last night by a nice little operation we planned that same day. So our neighbours are a bit risk averse. Meaning that they don’t really drop anything unless they

Another day, another stupid thing to do.

I lost an Orthrus yesterday. One that I should not have lost.

I finally moved to Low

It’s been a while since I last had an update. Hell during the past few weeks the site was even offline for a bit and I didn’t notice. But I’m back and I’m in Lowsec, doing stupid things.