Industry pointers, do I even have them?

While chatting with a few people in game I got asked for a few pointers when trying to make ISK as an industrial.
The first thing I thought was “Why ask me, I’m not even good at what I do”. But then I figured that as a newbie, someone who owns his own POS, has an invention line going and is actually able to manufacture a few hundred items a week is a bit better at what he does than the newbie.

How did I even get to this point myself? Well, that was easy, I had a bit of ISK to burn and decided to buy a bunch of invention stuff to see what I could do with it.

And I didn’t even make that ISK with industry so what good am I for pointers? The only thing I could tell him is to stop thinking of mining as free ore. Time is money in this game, I can earn more ISK by doing missions than by mining the ore.

I can then use that ISK to buy my own ore/minerals which means that doing the missions is more valuable to me than mining.
It’s great that there are people who enjoy mining, and I even trained my industry character as a miner. W
e need people to like mining, how else am I going to be able to buy my ore off the market?

One of the best things that ever happened to me while figuring out how to make more money was learning about Planetary Interaction, also known as PI. You update it once or twice a week, get the goods and cash in. There’s almost no work to it and if you have a few alts on your account who are trained in it you can easily make a few hundred million ISK extra per month. How’s that for a pointer?

I’m still trying to figure out how all of this works myself, and I’m happy to share my knowledge with someone who asks, but don’t expect the things to come out of my mouth to be understandable, half of the time I don’t even understand my own train of thought.

I bet you noticed that already while reading my blog. 

Fleet mining can be alot of fun