Please restock..

I forgot how annoying it is when you don’t have the correct amount of materials in stock when manufacturing. A month ago I made sure that I had enough materials for my manufacturing runs for the next two months. That was before I decided to start doing it with an extra character.

So yesterday when I logged in on my alt account and wanted to create a few hundred T1 modules that I will later turn into T2, I was confused at the fact that I didn’t have enough materials.
This is why you should plan, and why you should have enough in stock. I have flown to Jita for different things, so many times, instead of just going there, buy everything I need, and then fly it back home.

I’m starting to learn though, yesterday I made sure that I have enough raw material to last.. Well I have no idea how long it will last. Despite me knowing that I shouldn’t, I still use my liquid ISK as a marker on how “space rich” I am. Which means that I don’t want to spend too much ISK on materials.

I did spend about 1b on fuel and 1b on materials. So I’m back down to 2b liquid ISK.

I’m kind of hoping that fuel will skyrocket with Rubicon and then I will sell a bit seeing that I’m going to start making my own. But we’ll see if that’s going to happen or not.


I found a few screenshots with explosions in it… I think I will go run some missions, if my girlfriend doesn’t come over at least.