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We’re there

It took a bit longer than expected but a few days ago I moved back into a wormhole. I joined up with a few friends in a C5 and enjoying myself again in the limited time I find myself playing. The first ten minutes in the corporation already had me participate in a few dread

You win some, you lose some

The past week was a good one for us. We killed a bunch of people, harvested tears of those we killed and had fun in general. I enjoy this corporation because it’s the first time I actually like getting on TeamSpeak to talk to these guys and to form fleets with. The fact that my

Every day, you learn something new.

As it turns out, I’m not that good at scanning. Whether it is partly due to my lack of skills or because I just suck at it in general. I’m just bad at it. I found that out while trying to check if I could scan things in a high sec area. It took me