What button do I press to go boom?

Seeing that I have a bunch of extra ISK, without any effort or time spent on getting it, I decided to use it on ships and training myself in the use of bombing. Today will be a day for experimentation with that.

I currently have 10 fit Nemesis’ ready for action. Why the Nemesis? Well because I think it’s pretty, that’s the only reason behind my train of thought in picking a bomber.
Pretty, pretty Nemesis; Did I mention I like image search?

If I’m going to blow stuff up, or die trying, I might as well be doing it while looking at a pretty ship.
Besides figuring out how to bomb I also have to do the somewhat “boring” job of restocking my planets. It’s one of those things I tend to put off for quite a bit, most of the time my planets aren’t even working at full capacity because I don’t like stocking them again.

Which is one of the reasons why I might just go back to low sec with them soon. That would mean I could just log in, put the timers on, which would take about 5 minutes, and not bother for a while again.

Now, back to bombing. One of the reasons why I want to do this, is so that I will learn to not be afraid of low and null sec, specifically null, seeing that you can’t bomb in low. I’ve been going out of my way to not get into the lower security space, because I’m afraid of losing ships. And this has got to end.

In the larger picture I’m even considering of joining a WH corps, just because I need to learn new things and not get stuck in my ways.

Time to see if I can actually do what I tell myself to.

Stay tuned o7

Oh happy day

Today is a good day. Why? Well, that’s the story for today isn’t it?

As most, if not all, of you know, Somer Blink will no longer be able to use their affiliation program as an extra incentive for people to buy GTC’s through them. CCP gave them a few more days before this has to stop. So they’re offering a nice little bonus, instead of 250m you’ll get 1b per GTC bought. Which is a nice little incentive and it made me buy a GTC through them.

It’s been a year since I bought a GTC to add to my game time since I usually just have CCP credit my card directly. But I couldn’t let this go, not now.

After buying two GTC’s I had 2B credit on my blink account, I’m an avid gambler, so I wasn’t planning on doing what some other people do and just buy all the tickets in a blink in order to get a nice1.6b out of the 2b.
Not only did I receive 1 bill on blink credits, I also received 2000 tokens. Which can be used in promo blink, bonks etc. 

When I browsed to the blink site, I noticed a 30 day PLEX promo running, which you could buy into with a token, but in order to buy into it, you needed to have played a blink in the last 30 days.

So I just bought the first blink that allowed me to, because a lot of people were playing on the site and every time I clicked to buy a ticket on a random cheap one it was already finished. 

When I finally was able to buy a ticket, I saw my name flash in the yellow marker. Meaning that I won it.
My first thoughts were “Hey that’s nice, I just did a random one to join the promo and I won, now what did I win?”
Thank you Google Search
Turns out I bought a 200m ticket on 2 Moros dreadnaughts. Meaning that with this random ticket, I just made 6b (the ISK buyout for this certain blink)

Not only did I actually win something with the money I was thinking of spending on random tickets and hope that I might win something of 30m, I actually made a ton of ISK on this.

ISK that will be spent on furthering my goals of getting myself blown up a bit more.

I love Blink, I do, I probably already spent more than 6b in getting myself more credit, but I like the fact that I won something. If I had won the Promo too, I’d have an even bigger smile.

After reading my post I did notice that this sounds a lot like bragging. But that’s not what I mean to do. This is just me, being happy that for once, a gamble I took actually paid of. Despite it being an accidental one.

If only I had luck like this when I go out and gamble away real money instead of in game currency 🙂

EDIT: I spent another 1.4b on random blinks, including a Rorq, Daredevil, SNI,.. Not luck, but it’s not like I can complain today 

Stay tuned o7